Independent Family Funeral Directors

Established 1948

Funeral Costs

Here at W. J. Farrier & Son Ltd, we are fully committed to providing you with an open and honest service. 

Part of that commitment is to give you guidance and advice on our professional service charges and all third party costs, allowing you to make an informed choice of what is right for the funeral of your loved one.

During the funeral arrangements you will be give a fully itemised estimate based on your individual requirements to give complete transparency of what the costs will be.

We will never try to 'up-sell' or offer services that are not appropriate to your needs.

It is our company policy not to charge for the funerals of babies or young people.  

(This applies to a traditional funeral service and any additional services required may be charged at our discretion.)

Types of funerals:

Direct Cremation

Traditional (Cremation/Burial)

Woodland Burial

Alternative & Self Help


Direct Cremation

A direct cremation is a low cost and practical alternative to a traditional funeral.

It does not include any form of ceremonial service and mourners are not permitted to attend.

A direct cremation includes the following:

  • Basic funeral arrangements at our offices, your own home or via telephone/email/post.
  • Attention to essential documentation & statutory forms.
  • Collection of the Deceased (during normal working hours from local area.)
  • Deceased preparation (including dressing in own clothes.)
  • Coffin.
  • Viewing the deceased at our Chapels of Rest.
  • Transportation of the deceased to a local crematorium.
  • Collection of the ashes (if applicable.)


Our Professional Charge: (Including all of the above)                                                     £    990.00
Doctor's Fees: (If applicable)£    164.00
Cremation Fee: (Barham or Hawkinge)£    500.00

TOTAL:                                                                                                                                          £1,654.00

(In the event of a post mortem taking place, the Doctor's fees do not apply.)

TOTAL: (Excluding Doctor's Fees)                                                                                              £1,490.00

You may chose a direct cremation based on financial reasons or individual preference but whatever the reason we want to reassure you that your loved one will be treated with the same care, respect and dignity that is shown to everyone.

Our fees are lower because of the simplicity of the service provided.

We will select the date and time of the cremation and inform you when it will take place. 

Normally, we will use our hearse to transport your loved one to the crematorium unless you request us to use a more discreet vehicle, such as a private ambulance. (This does not alter the cost.)

We have no objections if a few family members wish to be present when your loved one arrives at the crematorium but unfortunately you are not permitted to enter the chapel.

Your loved one will be escorted into the chapel by the funeral director and we always carry on our shoulders.  (We do not use a trolley.)

You may wish to hold a memorial service at a church or other location once the cremation has taken place.  For more information, please contact us.

Traditional (Cremation/Burial)

A traditional cremation or burial is tailor made to suit your individual wishes.


Below is a list of our charges and the third party costs (disbursements.)

  • Making the necessary funeral arrangements in accordance with your wishes at our offices, your own home or via telephone/email/post.
  • Attending to essential documentation & statutory forms.
  • Professional guidance & support throughout.
  • Collection of the Deceased (during normal working hours from local area.)
  • All liaisons with third parties, such as minister/celebrant, crematorium/cemetery etc.
  • Deceased preparation (including necessary embalming treatment and dressing in own clothes.)
  • Viewing the deceased at our Chapels of Rest.
  • The hearse.
  • Attendance of the Funeral Director & necessary staff on the day of the funeral.
  • Donation collection, listing & forwarding to applicable charity.
  • Provision of press notices (if required - at additional cost.)
  • Provision of limousines (if required - at additional cost.)
  • Provision of orders of service (if required - at additional cost.)
  • Provision of floral tributes (if required - at additional cost.)
  • Collection of the ashes on your behalf (if applicable.)    

Our Professional Service Charge: (Including all of the above)                                 £1,525.00

Additional Items: (If applicable)

Deceased Collection: (Outside normal working hours from local area)

Deceased Collection: (From any London Hospital, Hospice or other location)

Deceased Collection: (From non-local area) 
£    235.00

£    250.00

Limousine(s): (Per limousine up to 3)

Fourth Limousine Onwards: (Per limousine)

£    250.00


Attendance at Church or other location surcharge:

Take Home/Church for overnight rest: (During normal working hours)

Take Home/Church for overnight rest: (Outside normal working hours)

Take Home/Church for overnight rest: (Weekends/Bank Holidays)

Saturday Funeral Surcharge:

Saturday Funeral Surcharge: (Inc. attendance at Church or other location)

Non-Local Area Funeral Surcharge:
£    150.00

£    150.00

£    200.00

£    300.00

£    300.00

£    450.00




For more information about funeral costs, please contact us