Independent Family Funeral Directors

Established 1948

We are here to help you throughout the Funeral Arrangements.

Arranging a funeral can seem a very daunting task, especially given the emotional stress you may be feeling after the death of your loved one. 

Here, at W. J. Farrier & Son we will guide you through every step of the way. In our experience, we know that everyone’s requirements will be slightly different so we will arrange the funeral based on your individual wishes and those of the deceased. 

The funeral arrangements can be made in the comfort of your own home or you can visit us at our offices in Dover or Folkestone.

Decisions to be Considered

The main decision to be made is the type of funeral you require for your loved one. These may include: 

  • Cremation
  • Burial (Cemetery, Churchyard, Woodland etc.)
  • Repatriation (To/From a Different Country)

The statutory forms differ depending on your decision and we will liaise with the relevant third parties on your behalf.


Sending your loved one abroad requires a fair amount of paperwork. We work closely with specialist organisations to ensure the respectful departure from the UK. 

Similarly, if your loved one has passed away in a foreign country, then we can organise their safe return to the UK. For more information on repatriations, please contact us.


The majority of funeral services are held at the crematorium only, however there is the option to have a service beforehand in a local church or other location. 

Some people also hold a memorial service in a local church or other location after the cremation service has taken place.

 Direct Cremation

A Direct Cremation is the cheapest type of funeral available in the UK and includes the essential elements only.
It does not include any form of ceremonial service and mourners are not permitted to attend. We would supply a basic coffin and the cremation would take place on a date and time selected by us.

Simple Cremation

A Simple Cremation is an affordable funeral which includes an early morning service but with limited options (This type of funeral is only available at Barham, Hawkinge & Charing Crematoriums).


Generally, there will be a service in a church or other location before the burial takes place, however there is the option to hold the funeral service at the graveside only. The burial could take place first and then a memorial service held in a church or another location afterwards. Services for woodland burials usually take place at the burial ground and mourners would gather there, however if you wish to have a separate service beforehand, we can organise this for you.

Who Officiates the Service?

Whoever officiates the funeral service depends on where the funeral is to be held. If there is a service in church or other location beforehand, then the minister from that church or other location will generally officiate. 

If the funeral service is at the crematorium or cemetery only, then you can choose to have one of the following, depending on your religious status:

  • Church of England Minister
  • Catholic Minister
  • Other Religious Minister
  • Civil Celebrant
  • Humanist

Alternatively, you may choose to officiate the service yourself or have a family member or friend do it for you.

Orders of Service 

We can organise and print any orders of service. Generally, these are A5 size booklets, which contain the running order of the service and may include photo’s, hymns or poems. It will be tailor made to how you want it.

Press Notices

We can organise to have a death notice or obituary placed in any local or national newspaper.

Embalming and Preparation

Our ‘no-charge’ embalming service is carried out with the highest level of care, respect, and dignity. There are three reasons why we would embalm someone: 

  • Presentation – Helps Make the Deceased Look their Best
  • Preservation – Delays the Natural Processes that Take Place after Death
  • Sanitation – Disinfects the Body

Embalming is strongly recommended if your loved one is to be taken home for overnight rest or if there is a delay between the death and the funeral. We will also wash the deceased’s hair, shave them (if necessary), and look after them as if they were one of our own.  

Our staff will carry out your wishes with care and respect, but if you want to help us look after your loved one, please contact us.

Dressing Your Loved One

You may wish to have your loved one dressed in their own clothes - perhaps their favourite outfit or suit. Alternatively, we can supply a gown set or shroud.


There is a wide range of alternative coffins available, such as Traditional, Bamboo, Willow, Coloured, Printed and so on. 

For more information on coffins, please contact us or alternatively, click on one of the links below:

Chapel Visits

With private chapels of rest at both our offices in Dover and Folkestone.  These are here for you and your family to pay your last respects to your loved one. 

You may visit the chapel of rest at any time, day or night, and as many times as you wish. All we ask is that you give us an hours’ notice before your intended visit and we will accommodate this. 

We do not charge for any chapel visits.

Floral Tributes

We can organise any floral tributes for you. For more information, please contact us.


Instead of floral tributes, you may wish to think about selecting a charity to receive donations in memory of your loved one. 

We handle all donations securely on your behalf and forward them to the relevant charity as well as providing you with a detailed list.

The Funeral Cortège

The funeral cortège can start from any local destination of your choice, such as:

  • The Deceased’s Own Home
  • Your Home
  • Hotel
  • Any Other Location

Alternatively, the funeral cortège can start from our premises or we can meet you at the crematorium, church, cemetery, or another location.

You can choose to hire our limousines, or alternatively, you can follow the hearse in your own vehicles. 

You may also want to consider travelling a specific route to the crematorium/church/other location, or pause at a significant spot (former residence, place of work, or specific landmark).

Alternative Vehicles

We run a fleet of Jaguer Hearses and Limousines, however you may wish to have something slightly different, such as:

For more information, please click on the links above or give us a call.


Our pallbearers will carry your loved one safely and respectfully, however if you or any other family members wish to carry the coffin, we welcome this and will help you throughout.


Music often brings great comfort at a funeral service as it can reflect the life of your loved one. We can provide practical advice on any piece of music or hymns you may require.


It can be very difficult speaking about your loved one at the funeral service. If you feel this is something you cannot do, then the officiating minister will gladly read any eulogy that you may have written. If you are unsure about any part of the funeral arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

Decisions You Will Need to Consider...

  • Burial, Cremation, or Repatriation
  • Coffin, Casket, and Urn Selection
  • Dressing the Deceased
  • Where the Deceased Should Rest Prior to the Funeral?
  • Where the Funeral is to be Held?
  • Religious or Secular Service?

  • Who is to Conduct and Speak at the Funeral Service?
  • Whether to Have Floral Tributes or Donations to Charity?
  • Who to Invite to the Funeral?
  • Who Should Be Informed of the Death?
  • Newspaper Notices?
  • What Costs Are Appropriate?

Contact us for further details regarding funeral arrangements and services